Мотель медведь Unirem Ltd.

Gas station 1.5 kilometers from the Finnish border

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  Цена без карты Цена по карте Tili Talsi
DT 49.99 46.80 0.66
A92 42.49 41.00 0.57
A95 46.99 45.80 0.62
A98 52.99 52.20 0.695

карта азс Discount card of up to 2 rubles.
Toimisto Tili Talsi Isoympyräkaty 32, 49400 Hamina  pyh. +358 (0) 44 788 1800 fax. +358 (0) 53 44 0252 www.tilitalsi.ru

The range of liquid petroleum products sold through petrol stations:
Fuel diesel Euro, summer K 5 ("DT - A - 5")
Regular - 92 ("AI - 92 - 5")
Premium Euro - 95 ("AI - 98 - 5")
Super Euro - 98 ("AI - 98 - 5")

По Вашему желанию, мы предлагаем устройства для определения наших ТРК:


We supply diesel fuel in bulk to organizations and individuals a one-time up to 10 tons of its fuel tankers.
We offer our customers an advantageous partnership, stable business relationships and a decent level of service.

Fuel cards:
At the gas station has a modern clearing system that allows customers to effectively organize the process of fueling the fleet and take control of the transport costs of the enterprise.
Accepted for servicing fuel card companies - partners:

Filling fuel cards — it is profitable, convenient and fast!
To buy oil in bulk — call our managers or send an e-mail.

We guarantee high quality of service

Hight quality. Low price

Еxpensive fuel

The price of fuel at the gas station below the average for Vyborg, even without the discount card

Regular shares

In addition to the discount system we regularly operate stocks, allowing one to benefit about popkupke petrol excellent quality

Excellent quality

We do not allow ourselves to sell low-quality fuel. Anyone can request a certified device at the gas station and ensure compliance performance

Necessary items for the journey, on the spot

At the gas station is a mini market with everything you need to travel

Interested in our offer?

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